28 January 2013

EVE Online Mass FFA

If you haven't heard of EVE, or have heard of it but don't play, you should know that it's a game that's renowned for being one big, badass sandbox where the players are king and make their own stories happen. One organization known as Red vs Blue, or RvB for short, has really gone the whole hog when it comes to messing around in the sandbox.

Basically, RvB is a newby-friendly way to get into PvP. PvP in EVE is great because you pay for the ships you fly with the money you earn in-game. When the ship blows up, that money is gone. Time to buy another one off the market. No respawns or mercy, just brutal destruction. For this reason, the kick and adrenaline rush you get from combat in PvP is unrivaled in any other game, at least in my opinion. Combat is not organized. It can happen at almost any time, under any circumstances, against any odds. This is a barrier to entry though because most newbies can't afford to keep replacing ships when they die (they do), or afford shinier ships to up their chances in combat.

The solution? Build 25000 freaking ships, strap some guns onto them, and leave them lying around in space. Anyone can hop in and blow the shit out of any other players flying these ships. Absolutely free, no excuses. The carnage is on a level that I've never quite seen before. This FFA (Free For All) event started at 13:00 GMT on 26 December. A full 24 hours later the fight hasn't relented in the slightest. Hell, you could probably still join in for another few days.

Here are some screenies of some of the insanity that has been going on:

Free Ships Free Ships
Free ships at the POS
Universe Map
Kill stats on the Universe map in the Poinen solar system, where the FFA was held. Image source: EVE Online Facebook page

I planned to take some combat screenshots of some of the insane fights, but I was at work and the event is unfortunately now over. I'm sure the RvB community will share some videos of the event, in which case I will post them here.

It was pretty epic fun.

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