28 March 2012

Hello, World

It seems we are fully operational. A big up to the guys at Afrihost for sorting out hosting kinks, and just being plain helpful. Good service is hard to come by these days.

This is mainly a programming blog. If I make something that I find cool and worth sharing with the world, the idea is to put it here. If I learn something new that I think is cool, I might do a write-up and post it here too.

I do still game a bit, but not nearly as much as I used to. I might just do some gaming related articles here too.

In the end, the main focus of this blog is to improve my writing. Programming is not a purely technical exercise. Your code is not worth much if you cannot get other people to be interested in it. As a programmer, you have to deal with other people, not just computers. You have to communicate your ideas in an effective manner. Even the code you write should ultimately be easy to read. Communication is important. I feel like it is a skill that I still somewhat lack, so I am trying to develop it.

This blog is currently running off a (modified) TextPress flat file blogging engine.

This blog has been switched to a fully custom blogging engine written by me.

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